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Laquinta Milson, LPC

The Growth Center for Counseling & Wellness

"I knew I wanted to start a private practice, but I didn't know what to do or where to start. Monalisa assisted me with the step by step process. With her help, I'm officially in business for myself, serving my community. Thank you Monalisa Bryant!"

Kindall Tyson, LPC, NCC 

Aspire Counseling & Wellness Center, PLLC

"As I began to lay the foundation of my private practice, it was imperative that I work with a business coach who was not only an ethical mental health professional, but also someone who ran a successful business, was thorough in her coaching, and consistent in her support. That clinician is Monalisa Bryant- an honest, personable, and knowledgeable therapist and entrepreneur. Ms. Bryant schedules time to confer with me and answer questions, provides clear, concise, and accurate information, and follows up with me about my progress. Having Monalisa as my business coach has made the path toward an ethical, compliant private practice more attainable. I work and wait in anticipation of the day that my private practice is operational and supporting the community."

Brookielle Boddie, LPC

Boddie Wellness & Consulting Firm

How you ever felt as if you leveled up but stepped into uncharted territory? Yes? I did! As a professional counselor I feel as though I am extremely gifted when it comes to the therapeutic process…however the business side of things is a whole different ballgame! There’s the set-up basics, credentialing process, software training, don’t get me started on billing, marketing & advertising, checks and balances, the actual service you provide, oh and accountability to follow-up and complete your notes! Don’t Strike out! I put my pride aside and reached out to my colleague whom is professional, graceful, patient, and extremely knowledgeable regarding the business and coaching aspect on how to set up and maintain a successful private/group practice.  If you’re up to bat; I encourage you to do the same.

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